Annual Festival of Asma Lil Banat

Location : Mumbra Kausa

Darul Yatama - Asma Lil Banat: A Home for Orphan Girls is an esteemed establishment, founded in 2021 by Hafiz. Kamaluddin It is a registered orphanage operating under the Society Registration Act 1860, The institution serves as a home for underprivileged girls who have experienced the heart-wrenching loss of their parents during the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. The need to provide relief and support to these vulnerable girls led to the creation of Darul Yatama - Asma Lil Banat.


What began as a small initiative, caring for two girls in a rented room, has grown into an institution that supports over 150 underprivileged orphan and semi-orphan girls from all over the country. Darul Yatama - Asma Lil Banat strives to provide a loving home and comprehensive support for these vulnerable girls, enabling them to lead fulfilling and successful lives.


A committed holistic development of the girls under our care. In addition to providing essential survival support, we offer various programs and opportunities for their betterment, which includes:


ü  Holistic Islamic Education 

ü  Alima Course

ü  Arabic Literature 

ü  Vocational training

ü  Computer training


ü  Physical Activities